Anushia is the voice that uplifts you to follow your light, empowers you in moments of doubt, and creates the safe space for you to connect into a community of support. That’s the mission you’ll find here behind every offering.

I’m Jessica, the founder behind Anushia.


I’m a certified yoga teacher and wellbeing entrepreneur. But more importantly, my passion is people.

Growing up, my world wasn’t always so pretty. A lot of times, it was surrounded by alcholism, abandonment, and trying to save those around me. I dreamt of a different kind of life but also felt the challenges of leaving everything that I knew behind. I felt all the resistance to change that you can possibly imagine. I was comfortable with my ways yet I knew it also held me hostage from becoming who I knew in my heart I am. During this time, Anushia was my light. In physical form, she’s my aunt. She believed in me and like a daily mantra, reminded me of my strength & inner power. It is thanks to her that I left toxic situations and have the life I do today.

I believe that we’re all here to bring something special into this world. I believe dreams can come true and everything is possible. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way. At times it’s a hand to hold us through something, a positive voice of encouragement, a push to look in the mirror to change & shift into something new while in others, it’s to be given the space to move our body & breathe.

To this day, this is still who and what Anushia is to me. I’ve experienced the impact of this first-hand and so now my mission is to bring that to you. Never forget that as much as it might feel like it at times – you are never alone.


Jessica x


You matter. You’re not just another number in a group or class. And our aim is to empower you to be true to who you are 

Whether in-person or online, Anushia offers you the support to put your physical, mental, and emotional self-care first.