Anushia is your sanctuary to take care of you and connect with a community where you are never alone. That’s the mission you’ll find here behind everything we do.

Yoga came to me in a time when my life was full of self-doubt and criticism. It taught me to finally embrace myself, to be patient, and self-confident. Interested in well being and alternative healing methods I deepened my knowledge and passion for Yoga during various trainings including Reiki and Traditional Thai Massage. The practice of yoga brings so much happiness, joy and compassion into my life and by sharing my passion, I aim to promote calmness, self love and body awareness.

It was in 2015 while studying anthropology that Elody discovered Yoga. In 2016, she immersed herself for 3 months in India, completing a 500-hour training course in Hatha Yoga. In 2018, she will again travel to India for 3 months to train in deep tissue massage (a technique called Ayurbalance), as well as in Tibetan bowls and in meditation. Since her trips and teaching experience, she has developed a practice with emphasis on the breath, alignment and well being. She combines multiple techniques and her interest in movement with her teaching of asanas.

Elody teaches in Morocco, Luxembourg and currently in Montreal.

I’m Margot, a Antwerp-based yoga teacher with a passion for power yoga (and cats). Yoga has given me the tools I need to thrive and feel strong in my everyday life, physically and mentally. The way yoga has supported me in my journey navigating life and seeking meaningful connections with others and with myself encouraged me to share what I’ve learnt.
My aim is to share the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as possible through my powerful beginners classes. Let’s flow together!

Nicole is a 200h Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher having been practicing yoga for nearly a third of her life. Taking her roots form dancing, slowly transitioning into gymnastics and now finally arriving to Yoga, Nicole’s path has always been revolving around the body and mind and the importance of its connection through movement. Throughout the practice, Nicole is not only working with physical aspect of Yoga but also dives deep into breath work, the energetic bodies and meditation to offer a well-rounded, nuanced approach to yoga.

Born in Luxembourg with Italian roots, Zoé is a passionate yoga student and teacher. She loves to explore the relationship between the solar aspect & lunar aspect of the practice, strength and flexibility – two seemingly opposing forces which still complete each other. The play between strength and flexibility, effort and release is a key element in her classes. With a lot of enthusiasm, she will be guiding you through the detailed exploration of each asana, connecting to yourself and others in a playful way.

I’m Jessica, the founder behind Anushia.


I’m a certified yoga teacher, speaker and wellbeing entrepreneur. But more importantly, my passion is people.

Growing up, I was always fascinated in expanding as a person and contributing to the world.  I dreamt of discovering the possibilities outside of what I was used to but also felt the challenges of leaving everything behind. I felt all the resistance & fear to take a leap into the unknown. During this time, Anushia was my light. In physical form, she’s my aunt. She believed in me and like a daily mantra, reminded me of my strength & inner power. It is thanks to her that I left toxic situations and took the leap to follow my purpose.

I believe that we’re all here to bring something special into this world. I believe dreams can come true and everything is possible. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way. At times it’s a hand to hold us through something, a positive voice of encouragement, a push to look in the mirror to change & shift into something new while in others, it’s to be given the space to move our body & breathe.

To this day, this is still who and what Anushia is. I’ve experienced the impact of this first-hand and so now my mission is to bring that to you. Never forget that as much as it might not feel like it at times – you belong and are here for a reason.


Jessica x


You matter. You’re not just another number in a group or class. Our intention is to empower you to be true to who you are

Whether in-person or online, we are here you to support you in putting your physical, mental, and emotional self-care first.