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Welcome to your Digital Yoga Studio


A monthly membership bringing you a whole range of live online and pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes, tools and strategies helping you to easily build a healthy routine into your day. More than just yoga to build flexibility and strength, this is your space to change your relationship to stress, feel inspired, and take care of you. You are invited to join us and become a valued member of our supportive and uplifting community.

What is included?


  • Daily live classes with personal guidance
  • Variety of 10 different class styles
  • 30, 45, 60, & 90-min classes designed to easily develop a healthy structure
  • Access to a diverse collective of highly qualified teachers each experts in their area
  • Before & after class check-ins to ask questions and connect with the group
  • On Demand Studio of classes and workshops available anytime in case you miss live sessions
  • ‘Welcome to Yoga’ workshop
  • ‘Finding Time For Yourself When You Have No Time’ workshop
  • ‘Breathwork: Your Key to Calm’ workshop
  • ‘Journaling 101: How to Identify & Express What Matters To You’ workshop
  • ‘Release Stress through Journaling’ workshop


  • Mobile App to access all on demand content
  • Access to our private Member Facebook Group where you can build connections with a positive, like-minded community
  • Weekly Monday Motivational messages with inspiration to keep yourself a priority
  • First access, and reduced prices to new programs & offers
  • Special Member discounts to our self-care partners
  • Accountability, guidance, & support
  • Surprise bonuses along the way
I started practicing yoga over 3 years ago. It was not an obvious choice as I had been for 11 years practicing Pilates. Yoga was far too spiritual discipline for me. I just wanted to work out without any of that “mambo jumbo” (my words that time) I was imagining it to be.
But, I was at that time going through a personal crisis. I walked away from a toxic relasionship and I was feeling  very angry and restless. Something was missing in my life. Despite an interesting lifestyle, I was miserable. I used to go away every weekend to feel the thrill of escaping my daily routine and myself in a way. Some of my close friends who practised yoga were nugging me to give it a try.
And on a January day,  I decided to register for a class. It was a challenge but I felt intrigued and decided to stick to a twice a week routine. The day I had my first class with Jessica (several month after), I knew I found that unique connection and that she was the teacher I was looking for (sic!). I can be very disciplined in my practice but I need to be pushed and at the same time be reassured. I always laugh that Jessica is this lovely boot camp seargeant. 😉 She succeeds in pampering her students and at the same time motivating us to go that step further. To be brave to get out of that comfort zone at physical and mental level. At the same time, giving so much of positive energy that at least in my case I feel my wings grow. 🙂
I have been practising  at Anushia Studio from the beginning, witnessing its progress. That space feels like home to me. And, since we are all home confined, I have been so happy to have that opportunity to practice at home with Jessica and Margot. I can do it now every second day without a stress of leaving office timely to get to the studio on time. This is a bliss.
I have a quick temper and can get frustrated and anxious in a blink of an eye yet practicing yoga makes me feel at peace and in harmony with myself. This is a priceless feeling. I have been more relaxed about life itself and don’t take is so seriously any more. I confirm that I am now one happy yoga convert. 🙂

Aneta, Luxembourg

Can’t make it for a live class?

Take care of you with THE ON DEMAND STUDIO.


Here to help you stay on top of your self-care regardless of your busy schedule. Take a 30-minute Wake Up Flow or grow in your practice through our Fundamentals Explained Series. Discover sneak previews below.

What will you gain?


You’re busy. We get it. The to-do list is never ending and finding balance is a struggle. No longer do you have to rush to the studio, look for parking, and make sure you have everything prepared ahead of time. With online and on-demand classes, there’s no time wasted. Simply roll out your mat wherever you are and get started. Connect with the positive community in a live session or plug in for a quick meditation.


You are important. Without filling your own needs, you’re left in low energy, frustration, zero motivation. Everything on the Anushia platform is set up to support you in this. When your needs are met, you can come forward in the best version of you. This impacts not only you but everything around you.

All classes and tools help you create a dependable routine of mental, physical, and emotional balance into your day regardless of the time you have.


Making changes and sticking to them can be challenging. We understand that. Our live schedule is designed to keep you accountable to set aside time for you. Together as a collective, we are meditating, practicing, and showing up to develop & maintain a positive lifestyle. Our highly qualified teachers who are experts in their area are also all here to support and guide you.

Leaving for holiday?

This is the time where we can loose track of mindfulness practices which can feel like you need another holiday after the holiday. Right? Take Anushia with you anytime, anywhere to keep your balance with ease no matter what the environment.

When I first joined one of the Digital Studio class, my first « instinctive » reaction was to shut my camera off. I was thinking I was joining for the practice only, no image or sound share needed. I very quickly realized I was wrong, and turned my camera on. When the lockdown started, I was feeling anxious and nervous about being apart from my family and friends, and being able to feel this group energy was (and still is) not only comforting but also encouraging. Acknowledging that we are all in this together; that we are all facing the same challenging times but that we can go through these as a united community really brought me relief and optimismI haven’t had the chance yet to join all the proposed classes, but I truly enjoyed the ones I’ve joined. The teachers are truly caring, and I love the energy we can feel through the practise. My favorite type of practice is Vinyasa or Power Flow. I love the fact that they are physically challenging and yet non-agressive. I love flowing through a dynamic sequence, feeling my whole body engaged and focusing on my breath. As a fire-y person, I tended to reject yin or restorative classes. Having recently more time at home, I decided to give it a try. I was surprised how quiet and peaceful I was afterwards. I now realize, and accept, that sometimes my body needs more « slow down », and gentle moves. Although it is not always easy (I have the habit to rush in my days and to always « push » myself), I’ve decided to try to better listen to my mind and body needs. I’m therefore looking forward to participating in the different types of class proposed on the Anushia Digital Studio.

Marion, Luxembourg

Your body. Your breath. Your practice.

Choose a class depending on what you need each day.


Rather than forcing yourself to fit into a class, take a class to fit your own needs and schedule.

Click the drop down boxes below to find out more about some of the classes we offer. You can also take a look at our weekly schedule here.



Meditation is a powerful tool to maintain a balance between your mind and body. The morning period is the most important time to create a positive mindset which will ripple out into the rest of the day. Each class, will present something new and will allow you to practice different techniques. Open for all levels, even absolute beginners.

Power Flow

In this class, you’ll be guided through a dynamic sequence designed to detox the body and empower the mind. Meditation, mindfulness, and positive affirmations are used throughout the class to build mental strength & clarity. Be prepared to sweat.
Open for all levels.

Foundational Flow

This flow is designed to teach you the foundations of the different poses, however both beginners and advanced practitioners will find benefit. The intention is to provide you a better understanding of asanas (postures), their purpose, and how to best adapt for your body to get the most out of the practice.

Slow Flow + Breathwork

This class was designed to make you feel relaxed, connected, and oxygenated. We will go through a variety of breathing exercises to expand our ribcage and oxygenate each part of our body with awareness.

Once the connection is created we will introduce some gentle movement to the breathing. This will be a slow pace restorative flow, to connect and feel good.

* We use the word breath work in relation to yoga tradition breathing practices (pranayama).

Intuitive Flow

This flow is based on classical yoga sequences while also allowing us to explore physical and energetic bodies in their individual way. Suitable for any levels, the intention is to increase bodily awareness and to further deepen the mind-body connection. A mix of Hatha yoga, movement meditation, and breath work this class will support this practice. There are no rules or strict alignment except for honesty and love for your own body.

* We use the word breath work in relation to yoga tradition breathing practices (pranayama).

Flow + Restore

This class is created with the intention to bring balance to the body and mind. You’ll be guided through a flow to aid in detoxing the body followed by a restorative practice to bring you into a state of restful calm. Open to all levels.

Yoga Flow

This class links each breath to movement. It is the perfect session if you’re feeling low in energy and need an afternoon recharge. Open to all levels.

Slow + Restore

This class is designed to bring the body and mind into a peaceful state allowing full restoration. You’ll be guided through meditation and postures to slow down. Rather than putting in effort to achieve more, the intention is to use the breathe to stay still for longer. The combination results in a deep relaxation and opening in the body’s connective tissue.

Goddess Flow

This class is a safe space dedicated for women to rest, recharge and rediscover our authentic feminine power. By taking the time to step away from the distractions and rush of our daily lives, we give ourselves the permission to listen in, to heal and to remember who we truly are.

Imagine a gentle class that allows us to learn more about the female body, to be open and vulnerable. It typically includes some breath work, mild stretching and suitable postures to open and strengthen the body & our sexual organs. Tools like meditation help cope with physical and emotional changes and allow the mind to relax.

This class is also suitable for pregnant women and those who are on their menstrual cycle.

What is the value?


Month of Live Yoga Classes alone: €150

On Demand Content: €65

Fundamentals Explained Series: €95

Workshops: €70

Recorded Classes: €45



Opening the Anushia portal is a feeling of coming home for me: coming home to myself, my body and a wonderful community. Each time I feel like I find exactly what I need, even when I didn’t realise what that was. Some days it’s feeling the energy of moving my body, other days its finding center and focus. The next day, it might be self love or connecting to my breath.

Jessica’s classes are infused with all these elements. She gives gentle and funny reminders of life lessons throughout the class, which I get to apply immediately in how I move and treat my body. After class, I feel like I didn’t just strengthen my body, but also my mind and my heart. All three are learning and growing together.

Joining Margot’s classes is such a joy because she really speaks her truth. She shares her own experiences and lets students learn and grow together with her. In an enthusiastic, fun and loving way, she encourages you try harder and set goals. It feels like we are playing this fun game of body, mind and heart instead doing “a workout”. We still get all the benefits, but with the bonus of a smile on our faces.

Overall, whatever is going on in my life, looking forward to taking a class later in the day or next morning, brings me peace and a feeling of joy and connection. Thank you!

Annelies, Belgium

My first class with Jessica was completely at random. After a long and particularly stressful day at the office I was surprised by a new face at the studio and a familiar midwestern (USA) accent as the opening meditation started. She had a special subtlety and calmness which welcomed everyone into the room and helped me let go of the day and focus on the now, in that room, on the mat. The vinyasa flow was physically intense and challenging, but Jessica’s positive and fun disposition motivated everyone, often personally, to do their best and “show up”. The experience made me like yoga even more, and I regularly attended Jessica’s after-work and semi-private classes whenever possible.
As the transition to the digital studio took place, I was not convinced anything close to the physical studio experience was possible. The corrections, the personal feedback and motivation, the group energy, the tea… How was all of that going to happen digitally? After participating in some digital classes, my opinion was changing. The way Jessica and the other teachers engage with the participants, providing direct feedback and motivation while also encouraging the whole group creates a very personal experience. The key to increasing the personalization is turning on your camera so they can see you🙂 ..this is something I was not so sure about at first, but it made quite a difference. The group dynamic and energy also comes through as you see the rest of the class doing the same practice providing feeling of community. The only thing which cannot be done digitally is the tea ..not yet anyway!😂

Daniel, Luxembourg