The Retreat


The Retreat is an immersive experience dedicated exclusively to a small group, which combines yoga, meditation, & self-discovery with indulgent body care & nutritious food in nature’s most unique settings. It’s a gift to yourself, allowing your mind, body, & soul to reset.

 Whether you’ve never stepped foot on yoga mat or you’re a seasoned practitioner, you can come as you are and feel right at home.



Growing up in a small suburb of Chicago, Jessica Janusz searched for deeper meaning, expression, and connection from an early age. She went on to find her way through immersive travel, where she searched to find a balance through physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Her purpose then started to shine through when she discovered how thoughts impacted the body in her own life. From this personal experience she created her style of teaching: linking empowering movement with positive thinking to help guide others from darkness to light, where they can uncover the strength they didn’t know existed. Jessica’s classes are playful, strong, and heartfelt. She encourages students to come face-to face with challenges, bring awareness to habits, and move forward with courage. She is an internationally certified yoga teacher, having trained with YogaWorks and she is also the founder of Anushia, a platform dedicated to guiding others past self-doubt and into confidence.



While each day will hold a bit of a surprise element, the schedule will roughtly run like so:


Mornings will begin with meditation and inspiring vinyasa-based yoga sessions led by Jessica. One morning will begin with a silent hike in nature.


After we will enjoy a family-style bliss brunch overlooking rice fields. In the rest of the afternoon, you’ll have free time for complete restoration at your own pace. You’ll be free to relax onsite or use a bike to enjoy the local beach. Let go of distractions. Release all responsibilities. And choose to do what your heart desires.


Days will close with coming together for yin-style yoga practice focused on balancing the 5 elements (fire, air, water, earth, wood) followed by a fresh, local menu dinner. All meals are specially designed together with Jessica and 5-star chef, João Sousa to combine taste with health for allowing your digestive system to slow down.


Retreats are dedicated to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure for a personal atmosphere –



sustainable location

of tranquility

local curated dishes




  • Twice daily yoga with Jessica (morning dynamic Vinyasa & evening calming Yin, Restorative, and Nidra), meditation, & breath-work

  • Yoga lab where you’ll learn adjusments for your own body & needs
  • Skin glowing & body care workshop
  • Accommodation at Wellness Boutique Resort, Quinta da Comporta

  • Daily gluten, dairy & refined sugar-free light breakfast, lunch, and dinner (water & teas included). All meals a vegetarian with the exception of local, fresh fish.

  • Full access to the onsite Oryza Spa facilities (indoor heated pool, massage jets, sauna, hamman, quiet rooms)

  • 60-min massage of choice
  • Special yoga on SUP boards class*
  • Private catamaran sunset excursion*

  • Self-care rituals, healing practicies, & more


* excursions can vary depending on theme, group & weather, however it will always be purposefully curated for

an optimal and unique experience



  • airfare & travel to Comporta, Portugal

  • any expenses you might incur during your free time

  • alcohol



Each of our bodies, minds, and spirits is completely different so we’ve thrown away the one-size fits all approach. From the moment you arrive, everything is designed for you & your needs. Rather than being lost in a large group trying to make yourself fit into a single method, here you’ll have the chance to truly grow & flourish. Registration is always limited to a maximum of 10 persons per retreat (first come, first serve) to ensure you get the upmost care and attention.

Yoga Lab sessions are held throughout the retreat as a space for you to learn & experiment adjusments for your own body, practice, & goals. A variety of workshops from ‘Glowing Skin’ to “How to Manifest Desires’ are held depending on the growth you’re interested in.



“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves.” – Andy Goldsworthy


From silent mindfulness walks to yoga on the picturesque lagoon, each activity is purposefully chosen to connect to our own most authentic state, allowing nature to be our facilitator. Each retreat varies in experience depending on the group, weather, & theme. There is always a surprise element at play but you can trust that everything is intentionally curated to provide the most optimal experience for you.






Just about an hour from Lisbon, Portugal is a hidden gem called Comporta: an untouched natural reserve where tranquility breathes between rows of rice fields, pine trees, and stretches of sand dunes & beaches.

There are three options to get to the resort, according to your preference: train/bus & ferry, taxi, or car rental.

Dependent on arrival time, it is also possible to group together with other participants.



Providing exclusivity, an authentic & luxurious local experience and high quality service where you feel like family, this location has been intentionally chosen for it’s unique atmosphere that offers a genuine journey inwards.

Awarded Best International Getaway Hotel by Condé Nast, Quinta da Comporta offers the perfect translation of its inspiring lifestyle through the integration of traditional architectural lines, connection to its natural environment, proximity to the locals and inherent history. 

Infused with a contemporary feel, simplicity unveils elegance in every detail and invites you into a deep retreat, where wellness and tranquillity play a leading role.

Walking across the space, all of your senses will be awaked. You’ll smell fresh rosemary & other herbs as the light breeze passes through. You’ll feel the earth below you and sunshine radiating against your skin. You’ll hear the sounds of birds and local farmers preparing for the day. You’ll see the storks flying across the rice fields.

The beach is also located just a few minutes bike ride or calming stroll through the rice fields away.



From the sea to the earth, the chefs at Quinta da Comporta privilege fish as the main protein and carefully select bio and fresh produce that is locally sourced, to provide a sublime, authentic and local culinary journey

Jessica and 5-star chef, João specially create the menus together to combine quality & taste with nutrition. You’ll will be provided with seasonal dishes from the region that are vegetarian (with the exception of local fish). Meals will also be free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar to aid in detoxing the body.

If you have any dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate.


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